Do you want to transfer BTC from Binance to MetaMask? If yes, then stay with this guide and know about how to Transfer BTC From Binance To MetaMask. If you hold BTC on Binance and want to withdraw from Binance to MetaMask, then proceed further to know more.

As the BTC world expands, users want to move their coins to popular exchanges or wallets. Therefore users started to experiment with some new things with the crypto wallets to explore reliable wallets to safeguard their holdings effectively.

Read further to explore how users can transfer BTC from Binance to MetaMask.

How To Transfer BTC From Binance To MetaMask?

You have to follow the essential steps to transfer BTC from Binance to MetaMask. Have a look at below:

  • At first, you have to sign in to the MetaMask account.
  • Then you have to link the MetaMask wallet to the Binance wallet.
  • After that, start the withdrawal process by proceeding over the Fiat and Spot section of the Binance Account.
  • Based on the MetaMask wallet and the coin you are looking to transfer, choose the suitable blockchain wallet when you have multiple addresses.
  • You should never choose the wrong network. It may end up as failed transfer and you may lose your BTC.
  • Then fill your MetaMask wallet address perfectly in your “address” section.
  • Enter the amount that you want to transfer to the MetaMask wallet, before clicking the withdraw option to transfer.

Note:- You can also contact our Crypto Customer Care team to get complete guidance on the procedure to do it without doing any mistakes.

How To Connect Binance To MetaMask?

Connect Binance To MetaMask

Have to look at the below to explore the essential steps of how to connect Binance to MetaMask:

  • At first, you have to install your MetaMask wallet
  • Then open the MetaMask wallet and choose the profile icon to add your account
  • After that, add your BSC network information
  • Then click on the networks option
  • Fill all the essential information in all blank fields
  • Mainnet

You must have to deposit the BTC safely purchased at Binance into the MetaMask wallet. Or else you have to transfer the BTC into MetaMask in your marketplace very effectively. Depositing BTC is the secured crypto wallet is always being a good practice.

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Withdraw From Binance To MetaMask:

Check out below and explore how to withdraw from Binance to MetaMask very effectively. There are two possible ways to use Binance. Either you can visit the official website or else you can its mobile application. Here you can go through the steps to withdraw in both the process.

Procedure To Withdraw From Binance Website To MetaMask:

Visit the Binance Website
  • At first, you have to visit the official Binance website.
  • When you already have an account, then you have to type the mobile number or email address with the password
  • Then click the login option
Select Wallet
  • Binance can take you to the dashboard after logging in
  • Click on the wallet dropdown option
  • Then click the overview option
Click Fiat And Spot
  • After clicking the overview option, you can explore more options
  • Among that, you could see the fiat and spot option
  • Then click on it
Find BTC
  • You can explore all your assets on the fiat and spot section
  • Find BTC on it and then click withdraw option
Paste the MetaMask Wallet Address
  • The MetaMask website will show you the withdraw crypto after clicking the withdraw option
  • Here you can explore more fields and among them is the address
  • You have to paste the MetaMask wallet address in the address field

To copy the official address,

  • You have to go to the MetaMask extension
  • Then enter the password to unlock your wallet
  • Copy the wallet address by clicking the balance
Enter The Amount
  • The network file can automatically update after pasting the official MetaMask wallet address
  • Then you can enter the amount of BTC in the withdraw amount field.
  • Those who wants to transfer all Ethereum, you have to click the MAX option
Click Withdraw Option
  • Click withdraw option after filling in all the necessary details
  • After clicking withdraw option, a confirmation pop-up icon will appear
  • Check the wallet address and then click the continue option
  • If you transfer the crypto asset to any wrong wallet, sure it could never be reversed
  • You may have the possibility of losing assets permanently
Enter Your Verification Code Sent
  • After that, it will be security verification
  • Then Binance will ask you to fill in the phone verification code and email that has been sent
  • Enter the verification code in the phone and email in the respective fields
  • Finally, click the submit option
  • A positive notification will appear after submitting the verification codes
Check Out The Recent Withdrawal Section
  • Wait for the processing after the successful submission
  • Asset can be transferred in around 10 minutes. But here it will take only 7 minutes
  • Check out the status of the recent withdrawals
Check Out The MetaMask Wallet
  • When you check out the completed status in the recent withdrawals, revert it to the MetaMask wallet extent. Go through the wallet balance on your front preview.

Procedure To Withdraw From Binance Mobile Application To MetaMask:

Withdraw From Binance Mobile Application To MetaMask

Check out the below-mentioned procedure:

  • Install the Binance mobile application
  • Click the wallet icon option
  • Find BTC
  • Click the withdraw option
  • Paste the MetaMask wallet address
  • Enter your required amount and click withdrawal option
  • Confirm order
  • Enter your verification code sent
  • Then check the MetaMask wallet
Final Verdict:

From the above-mentioned scenario, now you have to get the idea about transferring BTC from Binance to MetaMask. If you are having any doubt regarding this process, then you can get our help and do all kinds of withdrawal processes very effectively. Without further delay, you can get everything done right now and withdraw BTC from Binance to MetaMask without any issues.


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