There are many different wallets available to trade crypto and bitcoin. Some of them host wallets to make the process easier. Of course, the Coinbase wallet is a mobile crypto wallet that provides access to an array of crypto assets. However, the wallet supports ETH and ERC 20 tokens. Creating a Coinbase wallet is not a daunting process. So, you must know the Set up Coinbase wallet without any hassles. As a result, your Coinbase wallet provides a more secure and safer option for crypto traders. 

What Is A Coinbase wallet?

A Coinbase wallet provides access to a range of crypto assets. It has to carry out more functionalities and can set out the world’s foremost cryptocurrency exchanges. Of course, it makes it safer and more secure for more users. They provide access to an array of crypto assets forever. It is nothing but mobile crypto utilizing trading with user-friendly options. 

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Steps For Set up Coinbase wallet:

Coinbase Wallet Set up

The Coinbase wallet set up takes the easiest step and explores changes in the idoneus product. It shows the foremost thing and does safe and more secure access to the traders.

  • Verify your email
  • Add a 2-step verification method to secure your new account
  • Verify a new payment method 
  • Verify your identity

1. Create your account

  • At first, you must choose to navigate to the official site
  • Or else open the Coinbase app on Android or iOS mobile
  • Click or tap Get started
  • Legal full name 
  • Email address 
  • Password 
  • Your State
  • Read the User Agreement and Privacy Policy
  • Check the box and click Create account or tap SIGN UP if you agree.
  • Coinbase will send you a verification email to your registered email address.

2. Verify your email

In the second step, you must ask for verification of Gmail. Again, you will have a reply from the Coinbase wallet to your registered email account. 

  • Then, click back on the email link to navigate to 
  • You must enter the email and password to enter the email verification process easier.
  • The user has to choose the required password and click back on the email link

3. Verify your phone number

  • After that, you must sign in to the Coinbase and prompt to add a phone number.
  • Then, select your country
  • Enter registered mobile number
  • Click send code or tap continue to Coinbase wallet
  • In case you are not receiving SMS, resend SMS to the account 

4. Add Your Personal Information

In the personal information adding a section, you must choose a government-issued photo ID and need to submit a photo with valid proof as well.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • What do you use Coinbase for?
  • What is your source of funds?
  • Current Occupation
  • Employer
  • Last 4 digits of the SSN
  • Select Continue to finish the process

After completing the application process, you must wait to receive an email confirmation about personal details. Then, you should read and accept the privacy policy in the verification section. So, it should come with further instructions to set up a Coinbase wallet option. 

5. Verify your identity

  • Sign in to your Coinbase account.
  • Complete ID verification.
  • You have to Set up a 2-step verification app (TOTP) which helps protect against unauthorized account access.

6. Link a Payment Method

Finally, the payment method is crucial to Set up Coinbase wallet easily in your country. Depending on the country and region, your payment will be set in the link. For more information on all services, Coinbase-supported countries take a pledge to set up a payment method. 

What Are The Requirements Of Coinbase Wallet set up?

For setting up a Coinbase wallet, you must have the following requirement on your devices. In addition, you must have iOS version 11.0+and Android version 6.0+ for a mobile app. The app link is available on Android and iOS devices. 

  • When you download the Coinbase app, you will see a screen with two options.
  • It includes creating a new wallet, and I already have a wallet
  • Choose to create a new wallet
  • You need to go via legal pages and accept the terms and conditions
  • Then, choose a username for your wallet and help to trade Coinbase wallet username
  • Choose a username and choose privacy preferences
  • Go to settings and choose the privacy options to set up a new wallet 
Set Recovery Passcode
  • On the next screen, you must enter protect the wallet
  • You can choose Passcode on-device protection service
  • It must enter Face ID, fingerprint, and others
  • Next, you must prompt to backup wallet with a Passcode entered
  • It gives access to the wallet and considers recovery phrase
Enter Pincode and Scan QR codes

Next, you have to choose a secret recovery passphrase and get access to the account. Of course, it will enter Pincode and consider phase on ATM card. Save the recovery phrase and enter to scan QR codes. Finally, you can check the total balance of your wallet and enter it on the top of the screen. 

Sign Up For A Coinbase Account Through Coinbase Wallet:

Signing in for a Coinbase account via wallet is another way to Set up Coinbase wallet. Of course, it makes sure to get the right thing to explore changes in the Coinbase wallet. The user has to enter the account information and check the Passcode entered. 

  • At first, you must open and sign in to the Coinbase wallet
  • Tap to open settings and enter
  • Buy or transfer from Coinbase
  • Sign up on Coinbase and follow the prompts
  • Finally, you must sign in to your Coinbase account 

Things To Consider Set up Coinbase wallet

Before setting up the Coinbase wallet, you must know the requirements well. Then, of course, users have to sign up and create a wallet to make trading easier. So, it includes lots of things to capture well and maintain a secure Coinbase wallet creation forever. 

  • Be at least 18 years old 
  • A government-issued photo ID 
  • A computer or smartphone connected to the internet
  • A phone number connected to your smartphone 


In case of any queries in the Coinbase wallet, you must consult the Coinbase customer support professionally. It delivers a wonderful solution to solve major or minor issues completely. In addition, the Coinbase app version sometimes gives a secure connection and contact us well with professional customer support. Coinbase does not charge a fee to create or maintain a Coinbase account.


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