Crypto users often rely on the best wallet to store and manage digital currency. It is the best asset for crypto owners to secure currency and prevent unwanted access. Mycelium Wallet is a popular option for crypto investors and traders. It works well on android and ios devices. People take pleasure from regular use and install them quickly. You may also use it as a bitcoin payment network. Users must understand more about the wallet and follow simple steps to install them to send and receive currency. A wallet is an essential thing for users to manage currency in a safe place.

  • It is a secure way to transfer, trade, and store digital currency.
  • An open-source wallet manages a good connection with the bitcoin network.
  • You can need to understand the features, pros, and fees of a wallet and decide to use them.
  • It is the best alternative for users to store a digital asset.  

Access Mycelium Wallet Customer Service:

People spend time on the web and find accurate details about their wallets. Contacting the customer support team is the best way to know features, security measures, and other things. If you have any doubts about your wallet, you can utilize our Mycelium Wallet customer service to get rid of issues. 

You can get personalized support from professionals and follow guidelines to download and install a wallet. Our crypto customer support team provides complete information about the wallet and engages you to use them properly. As a result, you have the proper support and eradicate the problem quickly.

Mycelium Wallet Guide

Step By Step Guide For Using Mycelium Wallet:

Support professionals give you a clear idea about using a wallet. You must understand the supported device and install Mycelium Wallet correctly.

Install And Create A Wallet:

  • It is an essential step for using a wallet and makes users perform trade, store, and transfer digital currency.
  • First, download the wallet app from the google play store or the app store and install them.
  • After that, open the app and select a new wallet.
  • You can utilize your wallet correctly and makes sure stunning security.

Backup Wallet With A Twelve-Word Paraphrase:

A backup wallet is another important measure for users. Using a twelve-word paraphrase is necessary when backing up your wallet.

  • Locate the ideal menu and choose a backup option.
  • Twelve-word phrases will display, and users must write down on paper and keep them safe.
  • You can never take a screenshot of a phrase and store them on a desktop.
  • If you save it on a PC, anyone can access the seed and steal your wallet and digital currency.
  • You can adequately note down words without mistakes and keep them on paper. Users input words and use the wallet.

Protect Your Mycelium Wallet With PIN:

A PIN is vital to protect the wallet and prevent unauthorized users. Therefore, it is necessary to input a PIN code for every use.

  • You can open the wallet app, switch to the menu, and choose a setting.
  • Then, choose the set PIN code.
  • Select PIN and remember them.

Without a PIN, you can never utilize digital currency. However, you can use the seed to acquire digital currency whether you lose a PIN.

You must pay attention to certain instructions and integrate the wallet properly. When you lose a device or misplace a password, you will use a PIN to access digital currency. Hackers can decode PIN without putting in too much effort. Users follow particular instructions carefully and never hassle about anything. Installing Mycelium Wallet on a different device is ideal for users when writing down twelve words. You have the option to recover your wallet and enter the seed and transfer currency to another address.

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Send And Receive A Digital Asset With Mycelium Wallet:

Once the above process is over, you can get ready to send and receive currency. Digital asset owners gain impressive benefits when using a wallet to send and receive the asset. 

Send currency:

  • You can open the wallet app and navigate to send option under the balance tab to send currency.
  • App provides a scan QR code option to send a digital asset.
  • Identify and paste the recipient’s address and copy them to the clipboard.
  • Choose manual entry and type recipient address.
  • After entering an address, type the amount you need to send by clicking enter amount option.
  • If you make a payment online, the amount will enter automatically when scanning the QR code.
  • Then choose OK to back to the payment screen after entering the amount.
  • You must double-check details and click on send.
  • Enter PIN to confirm the transaction.
  • You can complete the transaction as soon as possible.

Receive Digital Assets:

  • Open the app and choose to receive option under the balance tab to pick up payment.
  • When choosing an optional account, you can request the amount you choose.
  • Send sender crypto asset by managing scan QR code and post address with share bitcoin address option and paste them in relevant field.
  • You can wait for some time to send currency.
  • Under the transaction tab, you can view the transaction on a blockchain.

Users wait for a few minutes to obtain confirmation. Once you receive currency, you can check your balance in Mycelium Wallet and keep them safe. You will never resend the fund until ten minutes and get confirmation. 

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Question )

Why use a wallet?

Beginner or experienced users use the wallet and enjoy seamless digital currency management, storage, and trading experience. The wallet comes with advanced features and fulfills the demands of the user.

What is the use of interface protection in mycelium wallet?

Using interface protection features allows users to secure a private key and digital currency. It is a great security measure that needs a PIN to share private keys and send coins. When your phone is accessed by others, they don’t feel able to view sensitive information.

Is it easy to send digital currency without an internet connection? 

No, one cannot send digital currency without an internet connection. On the other hand, you may save the transaction and resume when you restore the internet connection.