In general, storing cryptocurrency securely is essential to consider while dealing with the crypto world. There are many ways you can explore to keep your crypto safe. Among them, one of the best options is Ledger Nano Wallet. Proceed further with this guide and explore a lot. If you have any doubt, you can get help from the Ledger Nano Customer Service team. 

What is Ledger Nano Wallet?

The ledger nano wallet is the hardware wallet for Ethereum, bitcoin, and various altcoins. It can effectively store users’ private keys in a highly secured hardware device and keep them away from the hands of criminals and attackers.

Users only have full access to their cryptocurrencies. The ease of use and high security is the combination of a ledger nano wallet. One can easily make payments and also can store their coins very safely. 

Ledger nano wallet has an easily readable display from which users can easily verify their transactions. They can also confirm the transaction by pressing a button found on the top of their device. You can easily connect ledger nano to any PC via a standard micro USB cable and make it compatible with all tablets, laptops, and PC. 

According to the official Ledger website, the nano wallet can support around 23 different coins like Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, ZCash, and Litecoin. Nano wallets can also manage a wide range of ERC20 tokens by using them together with MyEtherWallet. Such versatility makes the ledger nano wallet useful for investors and clients in a most effective manner. 

How Do You Use A Ledger Nano Wallet?

Generally, setting up a ledger nano wallet is very easy to understand and simple. By following the below-mentioned steps, even inexperienced users can easily use the nano wallet.

  • At first, connect your ledger nano to the PC using your micro USB cable.
  • Create a 4 to 8 digit PIN code and keep it safe.
  • Now, you can get 24-word recovery phases from the nano wallet. Note down every word and then store them safely in a private location.
  • Then, you can install the ledger app for your digital currency that you plan to connect or store to your highly preferable software wallet.
  • Send and receive payments securely and then ensure that you provide users with the public address. Don’t reveal your private key.

You can very safely use the ledger nano wallet by following the proper steps.

Contact Ledger Nano Customer Service

Ledger Nano Wallet Customer Service

If you doubt this wallet, you can contact our Crypto Customer Service. The customer support team is readily available for you 24/7. Even if you are suffering from serious issues, we help you get rid of them. We offer the best solution for all your issues and stay from the problem in the future.

You can contact our ledger team via social media and the help center (email). Once you mail us clearly about your problems, We will immediately respond to you. If you have not received a quick reply, wait for some time. Sure, you will get a response from them.

You don’t need to send mail again and again and waste your time. The support experts are highly active, and sure they will come up with the right solution and respond to you. They can’t leave you as it is if you are not satisfied with their service. They will redirect to you the right expert and make you get complete satisfaction.

Even if you have any payment issues, you can directly expose them to them. Sure these experts will do the right justice for you. They will give you some best tips to be aware of attackers and frauds. Therefore contact them anytime you want without any obstacles. 

Is Ledger A Cold Wallet?

The device itself is one of the best cold storage hardware wallets. Therefore the ledger team comes with highly effective Ledger Live software for providing a great user interface to store your coins and holdings. Therefore users can get access to add certain new wallets for various cryptocurrencies to their devices. Users can also easily manage their portfolios since the ledger is a cold wallet.

Is Ledger Safe To Use?

Is Ledger safe to use

Usually, the hardware wallets are not 100% safe. But still, try to offer you a highly secure method to store your digital currencies.

The security concerns in hardware wallets are more user-based than most crypto wallets. You can easily avoid it by taking necessary precautions and following proper protocol while using the wallet.

The essential factors of wallet security are the wallet’s private key and recovery phase. The ledger nano wallet uses a 24-word seed for recovering the private key when you have the chance of losing your wallet. It would be best if you store this seed securely and safely. If you lose your recovery phase and wallet, you will lose the coins forever. Ensure that you can treat it with more importance and give them what it deserves.

The ledger nano wallet does not have any weakness in security when using it with care. No one hacked this wallet unless connected to the random PC. Don’t make any dealing with any unknown buyers or unauthorized sellers online. Always buy a wallet from a reputed and official vendor.

A recent update of the ledger nano wallet is available with the plausible deniability feature. Always you will have a backup here. If you ever thought of losing your originality, the backup can be more useful.

This feature can give you an additional layer of security. If you don’t know how to use it, then the ledger may warn you. To avoid security issues, this ledger nano wallet tries very hard not to lose your passphrases and PIN codes.  


You now have a complete idea about the ledger nano wallet from the scenario mentioned above. So it is the best choice for investors to make an investment and get a better ROI. If you have any issues, don’t hesitate to contact the customer support team and solve your queries.