What Is KeepKey Wallet?

KeepKey is the ultimate hardware wallet for adding more security to your Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and others. When you are using the KeepKey wallet for your Bitcoin transactions, you can easily review and approve the transaction using the OLED display along with a confirmation button. The hardware wallet is capable of storing and managing the private key generations as well as private key storage. These are also suitable options for facilitating outgoing transactions. It is quite a simple process for easily holding your private keys. You can also call our KeepKey Customer Service to get all your answers.

  • Sleek design
  • Highly secure
  • User interface
  • Multi-Currency support
  • Durable and portable

KeepKey assures a safe and secure offline cryptocurrency wallet. These are especially premium quality with designs suitable for the best-looking hardware wallets. It is one of the convenient processes for people to make their transactions quick. There is no hassle in choosing these hardware wallets for making their crypto transaction.

  • Better Control Over Your Money:

KeepKey provides complete control of Bitcoins. Normally, there is no third party could lose or freeze your funds. The main reason is that you will be solely responsible for your wallet. Choosing the right wallet to assures securing and back up the wallet in a more innovative manner.

  • 100% Transparency:

KeepKey hardware wallet is open-source with built-in deterministically. Developers can easily audit code by making it better final software. It is the perfect option for providing you with complete open transactions. You can get 100% transparent facilities during the transaction.

  • Variable Validation:

Amazing Payment validation features in the KeepKey hardware wallet make it completely unique. These would be suitable for saving your money to the greatest extent.

  • Secure Environment:

Normally, the KeepKey hardware wallet is packed with an amazing specialized environment. It gives strong protection against computer vulnerabilities along with malware. There is no need to install any software for making the transaction.

  • High-End Privacy:

Privacy features in the KeepKey hardware wallet make it completely suitable for your peace of mind. You can easily use this device anywhere on the go for making quick transactions.

  • Fee Control:

The fee control feature in the KeepKey Wallet is also available for the convenience of customers.

  • Multi-Currency Support:

Normally, KeepKey users gain a better advantage by storing the Bitcoin on the KeepKey device. These wallets also extensively support the top Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. KeepKey hardware wallet also supports multiple ERC20 tokens.

  • ShapeShift Integration:

Founder of KeepKey also established the ShapeShift – exchange platform for crypto assets. He integrates the ShapeShift directly with the device. It allows the user to easily exchange the assets within the KeepKey wallet when they are using Shapeshift.

  • OS Compatibility:

KeepKey devices have better compatibility across operating systems such as Mac, PC, Linux, and Android.

  • Display:

KeepKey device is equipped with the largest displays suitable for viewing the mode of transactions. They are designed perfectly for reading and navigating on the platform.

  • User-Friendly Features:

KeepKey hardware wallet is easy to use feature giving better user-friendly attributes. They can be easily linked to a computer, and the wallet interface is smoothly suitable for beginners.

Contact Our KeepKey Customer Service:

KeepKey Wallet Customer Service

Professional KeepKey support service is provided for the customers. The main goal is to offer personalized support. It is convenient to reach KeepKey Customer Service via email or social media channels. There is also an extensive support page service is available for the customers to get their queries resolved.

Learn How To Use KeepKey Wallet With KeepKey Customer Service

KeepKey is the perfect option for any cryptocurrency transactions and storing purposes. These hardware wallets are the safest and most secure method for storing crypto. When you are looking for safeguarding your crypto, then here is your wonderful option. Users can also get professional KeepKey Customer Service when there is any technical issue or queries. KeepKey Wallet is completely resistant to hacking attempts. There is no security flaw in the hardware wallet. It is quite safer compared to any hot wallets or software wallets. KeepKey hardware wallet is quite an awesome option for easily storing cryptocurrency. It also allows making large transactions.

Step 1: Download and Install the KeepKey App

  • Using your PC
  • Navigate to the Google Chrome web store
  • Type in “KeepKey Client App”
  • Download and install this app

Step 2: Plugin KeepKey

  • Use USB to micro USB cord with KeepKey
  • Plug it into your computer

Step 3: Launch the App

  • Launch app
  • Update KeepKey to the latest firmware
  • Select initialize KeepKey
  • Begin the set-up process

Step 4: Set your PIN

  • Create 1 to 9 digit PIN
  • Unlock your KeepKey device

Step 5: Write down Recovery Phrase

Upon unlocking, you will be shown the 12-word recovery phrase in the KeepKey device. It is easier to put words down in sequential order in the recovery phase card. These are provided with boxes using KeepKey.

Step 6: Initializing the Complete

KeepKey Wallet will be initialized upon writing the recovery phase. You can easily use them for further transactions.

Is KeepKey Secure?

Is KeepKey Secure

Yes, KeepKey is the safest hardware wallet in the world. It uses a secure method to store and transact the cryptocurrency. KeepKey device especially employs the greatest and latest security measures. These are a suitable option for protecting from any physical theft and virtual attributes. Keepkey Wallet stores your private keys in the offline environment. It will be stored on your device.

Which Coins are Supported by KeepKey?

KeepKey hardware wallet would be supporting a variety of Cryptocurrencies. They are continuously adding better support for the benefit of customers. KeepKey hardware wallet supports

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin
  • Dash

KeepKey hardware wallet also supports the Multiple ERC-20 Tokens, such as

  • Aragon
  • Civic
  • Golem
  • OmiseGo
  • District0x
  • SALT
  • SwarmCity
  • Numeraire
  • iExec

The KeepKey hardware wallet allows improving transactions with an amazing feature of securing crypto coins. Many people also dwelt in the hardware wallet for making their transactions secure. The KeepKey is equipped with massive features and benefits. Choosing the secure offline cryptocurrency wallet gives you a suitable solution. Premium quality and design also give you the complete way of storing more coins.

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Question )

Is KeepKey a cold wallet?

Among KeepKey’s many features, it comes with great security measures. Being a cold wallet that stores assets offline, it is one of the most secure ways to store your assets.

Can I store XRP on KeepKey?

The KeepKey wallet can now be used to send, receive, and trade XRP on ShapeShift. KeepKey was the first ShapeShift product to integrate hardware wallet functionality.

Does KeepKey only work with ShapeShift?

You can use the Keepkey as a signing device only and do not want to use the Chrome app or ShapeShift access method if you would like to maintain a high level of privacy.