Cryptocurrency trading has been getting more popular in recent times. It is ideal for institutional traders and folks entering the trading. BTC is the number one cryptocurrency in the world. Is Ripple XRP Dead? No, Ripple (XRP) is getting a new partner in the banking sector. Ripple is rounding out the top seventh place in the list. Survey shows there are more than twenty-thousand Cryptocurrencies out. 

Ripple is unavailable to purchase on U.S. exchange at the beginning of 2021. Ripple Labs is a famous company that is intertwined with the Ripple coin. The company commenced a lawsuit with the SEC in December 2020 and will continue doing so until a determination is made. So, people who need to invest in the Ripple coin should be patient.

The trading professionals advise the new trader is careful while investing in Ripple. They are volatile compared to other digital assets like ether, bitcoin, and others. Are you wondering if Ripple XRP is the best option to invest your money in? Well, this article will provide you with more information about the Ripple XRP. You can get help from our Crypto Customer Care team through live chat support.

Is Ripple XRP Coin Dead?

Is Ripple XRP Coin Dead

Is Ripple XRP Dead? Your answer is No! This crypto coin is active with large businesses. On the other hand, Ripple XRP has been used in real work in recent times. This crypto coin has not decreased, and research predicts that XRP could see good future days after winning the lawsuits. XRP has strong fundamentals that make it a good crypto coin in the upcoming days. This coin doesn’t base on the universal market because of increasing its price. 

Ripple has been the famous digital currency for the last couple of years. It was launched in 2012 and is suitable for experienced traders. Three developers created the Ripple coin, aiming to increase BTC sustainability. Developers would aid to start the company later and the name of the company is Ripple Labs. The company was gifted more than eight billion ripple coins. People can debate whether XRP needs a double-digit valuation at present. 

The company offers numerous services that offer complete transactions. Ripple is the open-source, decentralized option to send funds through the banking system. In addition, it adds a layer of transaction fees for every transaction. The user can send ripple coins from wallet to wallet within five seconds and effortlessly. Trading in the XRP coin is not similar to other investing. It is slightly different from investing in the ETH or BTC. 

Keeping every trader engaged can be a difficult job. The development of technology has been changing the cryptocurrency industry constantly. People will move forward with the thrilling trends. Is Ripple XRP Dead? Does the transaction platform have a bright future? Ripple XRP is active that offers you an opportunity to get a thrilling experience while trading in the crypto coin. All you need is a mobile phone and a low deposit to start trading in Cryptocurrency. 

Is Ripple XRP A Good Investment?

Now, numerous digital currencies are available in the market that works differently. They have different markets, which will confuse you with picking the right asset to invest in. Most people will know about the BTC and ETH and invest there. But some folks will look for new opportunities to invest their funds. Is Ripple XRP Dead? No, it is an active and good choice for investment! XRP is one of the biggest crypto coins, which works uniquely compared to other Cryptocurrencies. 

In 2012, Ripple was trading at around $0.005, and the price did not increase until 2017 when crypto industries experienced a massive boom. While Ripple coin reached $0.40 per coin in May 2017, traders are aware of the crypto market peak for bitcoin at the end of 2017. The token’s price is expected to settle for the next few months at around $0.20. Due to the BTC boom, the Ripple coin price increased to $0.51 by mid-2017. XRP’s price was $2.30 at the end of the year, making it popular among crypto traders. Let’s check out why it is beneficial to invest your money in Ripple XRP:

  • The company created XRP to solve the real-time issues with crypto. It solves the issue for the biggest financial companies and increases capital flow. 
  • Ripple XRP works well for startups and business owners as well. This platform will offer many entrepreneurs and investors access to the worldwide economy. 
  • If you want to invest in crypto, Ripple is perfect because they are the top market cap in the sector. However, it indicates how much of an impact Cryptocurrencies have in the gap. 
  • The affordability of XRP is a significant reason to invest. With a coin, you can get a lot of value for a small amount of money. 

Will XRP Be The Next Bitcoin?

Will XRP Be The Next Bitcoin

Describe how one digital asset beats another from the top position to take their spot. An answer is difficult since the top place can mean different things to different people. Ripple XRP is becoming the next BTC in the crypto market. XRP and BTC have several differences. Ripple is developed as the payment settlement system that makes it a competitor to other crypto coins. But BTC has its blockchain and has been adopted by the existing financial system. 

Many people surf Is Ripple XRP Dead on the internet. Ripple coin is very much alive; if you are interested in investing your money in crypto, you can try XRP. The cost of ripple coins is increasing, so you can sell coins at a higher price later. XRP can double the investment capital by achieving its peak in 2021.


Are you seeking an answer to the question ‘Is XRP Coin Dead’? I hope this article will provide you with a clear answer. XRP is the old digital currency in the crypto market. Ripple XRP provides plenty of benefits to investors that many crypto coins don’t offer. When you invest in the Ripple coin, you can enjoy quick transaction time and a lower fee. 


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