Binance is a Powerful crypto trading platform suitable for every business to make quick and secure transactions. Adding funds to your crypto account lets you easily start trading the crypto. By creating an account in the Binance you agree to the Terms and Conditions. Binance provides the secure, versatile along with better aspects to investing in cryptocurrencies. If your Binance account has been deactivated, you can find out here how to reactivate Binance account.

The Better Way To Reactivate Binance Account:

Normally, the Binance is overwhelming for beginners as well as for experienced traders. It offers lower fees compared to that other cryptocurrency exchanges. To reactivate your Binance account, it is quite important to answer a series of questions to confirm your identity. Following the below steps is easier to Reactivate Binance Account. When you have received an error during this process, then it is a convenient option to manually reactivate the account. For initiating the Manual Reactivation, it is quite necessary to submit the support ticket along with the supporting documentation. All document requirements will be based on the KYC Verification Level. It is also quite an efficient option for requesting additional or even alternate documentation.

  • Visit the Binance.US Homepage
  • Tap on the “Log In” button
  • Find the upper right-hand corner
  • Tap “Start answering questions.”
  • Answer the following series of questions
  • Now follow onscreen instructions
  • When all the questions are answered in accordance with and information on the database, your account will be reactivated.

How To Reactivate Your Account By Contacting The Support Center?

When you have never started the Basic Verification on Binance.US, then you can simply follow the below instructions on account reactivation. The steps are helpful for easily reactivating your account in Binance and assure saving you more time in the process.

  • Visiting the official Support Center
  • Open a new ticket
  • Fill out the form entirety
  • State that you like to reactivate your account
  • Now you need to Attach a selfie holding a sign stating, “Binance.US, please reactivate my account.”
  • The customer support team would contact you for verification of your account, and they would reactivate it. Also, contact our Binance Live Chat Support team to get instant help in the complete process.

Advanced Verification Steps:

When you have completed the basic verification but could not access the Advanced Verification steps, then you can easily follow the below steps for reactivating the instructions.

  • Visit the Official Support Center
  • Open new ticket
  • Fill out the form in its entirety
  • State that you like to reactivate your account
  • State full name along with the address for the Basic Verification process
  • Attach a selfie of you holding your ID along with the hand-written note
  • Make sure the note clearly shows: “Binance.US – (Day/Month/Year) reactivate my account (”
  • The support team will contact you once reactivation is complete.

The process involves complete verification of the identity of the person. It is important to make sure that the ID and face of the individual need to be visible clearly. It Is important to properly mention that you like to reactivate the old Binance account. To Reactivate Binance Account, you can simply follow these steps along with the proper displaying of date, month, and year. You can also attach a copy of the recent address proof, and you can easily make sure that all the documents have been issued within the last 30 days.

Attaching the video recording of yours with the ID proof is most important. The customer support team would be verifying them. It is quite important to repeat by stating the exact date that you like to reactivate the old Binance account. When you are done with the procedure in the Binance reactivation, the professional team would be contacting you. Normally, the process takes some time, so there is no need to worry. When the documents or even information provided is not exact from the database, then the Binance Support Centre would contact you to rectify you in all the situations.

Account Inaccessible:

When you are getting the pop-up stating your account is inaccessible, then you can easily follow the below instructions for resolving the issue. You need to search for emails you received from Binance. Upon accessing the email, you can easily click the 【Disable your account】button. When you want a temporarily disabled account, then you can easily access it even without any hassle.

  • [Binance] Password Reset
  • [Binance] Successful Login
  • [Binance] IP Verification
  • [Binance] Authorize New Device
  • [Binance] Reset SMS Authenticator
  • [Binance] Reset Google Authenticator
  • [Binance] Confirm Your Withdraw Request

As an example, you can easily take an IP change notification email

Steps To Unlock Binance Account?

Binance is used by many numbers of people for making quick transactions like buying, selling, and storing Bitcoins. When your account is locked or frozen, then you can conveniently follow the steps for reactivating the account. 

  • Visit
  • Log In to the account
  • Click【Unlock】button
  • Start the account reactivation process
  • Read the information carefully
  • Click respective boxes to accept Terms along with the given information
  • Tap【Reactivate Account】button to proceed
  • Follow the instructions to complete the below verifications
  • Answer Security Questions
  • Confirmation Email
  • The system would send an automatic confirmation email
  • Submit your data
  • Tap 【Confirm Reactivate】 to proceed

Making The ID Verification:

Binance Face Verification
  • Open the
  • Click 【Next Step】 to start the verification
  • Choose to issue the country of ID
  • Click your ID type
  • Upload the front side of your ID document
  • Upload the backside of your ID document
  • Click a selfie with your face being clearly visible

How To Reactivate Your Binance Account In A Web Browser?

Whether you have locked your account and looking to Reactivate Binance Account in a web browser then, you can easily follow the below instructions. To Reactivate Binance Account in the web browser, access the Binance official page in the web browser.

  • Run web browser
  • Open the Binance login page
  • Click the “Login” button
  • You will find it in the upper-right corner of the home page
  • Click on the “Start Answering Questions” button
  • Series of security questions appearing in front of you
  • Answer the instructions of the question appearing on the screen
  • Click the “OK” button
  • When the information you provided does not match the information Binance database, then it will display an ERROR on the screen.
  • Binance your account will be reactivated when the provided and questions you answered are correct.

Whether you are looking to buy Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, then you can conveniently choose the Binance. When you are looking to Reactivate your Binance Account, then you can easily follow the given instructions or contact our Binance Customer Service team through live chat support.

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