Connect Coinbase Wallet To Ledger

Do you know that Coinbase users can now Connect Coinbase Wallet To Ledger to secure their coins and NFTs? Being the leading crypto exchange, Coinbase is now enhancing its security via the integration with the Ledger hardware wallets. Due to high trading volume, the largest crypto exchange Coinbase has announced that it would support Ledger, a famous crypto hardware wallet.

Users can now access the Ledger wallet integration through the Coinbase Wallet browser extension. It renders the users with an extra layer of security, and thus they can perform the crypto transactions easily. Hardware wallets are physical devices that store the user’s private keys offline rather than online. 

Private keys are the vital information required to authorize the transactions on the blockchain networks. However, they become more susceptible to hacks and theft when it is stored online. Even though the cryptocurrency industry is evolving, certain security incidents often happen due to the vulnerability of the exchange’s hot wallets.

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Coinbase wants to empower everyone to access dapps and Web3. It needs to develop the most accessible and easiest to use the self-custody wallet in the ecosystem. Since every transaction on the blockchain needs public and private keys, the hardware wallet ensures that the user who holds the physical device can complete the transaction. 

Accessing the hardware wallet is similar to using two-factor authentication to secure the site login. However, instead of a 6-digital code sent as the SMS, your hardware wallet is accessed to physically confirm the transactions with a click of a button. Thus, you will enjoy a trouble-free crypto transaction. 

Does Ledger Work with Coinbase

Yes, the Ledger wallet now works with Coinbase. You can Connect Coinbase Wallet To Ledger through the Coinbase Wallet browser extension. As said earlier, it gives the extra layer of security for your NFTs and cryptos. This new feature renders Coinbase users a world-class security option. It makes them enjoy peace of mind while holding their NFTs and cryptos. 

Ledger enables the users to manage their digital assets from within the security of the Nano hardware wallet. It also gives ultimate protection to your crypto and NFTs. You can grow your NFT collection and keep it safe in the Ledger. Ledger is the largest supplier of the hardware wallet. Now, a hardware wallet is considered the safest way to store crypto assets. 

It helps you to keep the private keys required to spend crypto assets in cold storage properly. Here, cold storage indicates an air-gapped environment, which means no way connect to the internet or external devices. Since Coinbase is committed to enabling users worldwide to use their crypto across the Web3 ecosystem, it partners with Ledger to build the support for the hardware wallets into Coinbase. 

Connect Ledger to Coinbase Wallet

Connect Coinbase Wallet To Ledger

Are you thinking about how to Connect Coinbase Wallet To Ledger? Well! Follow the instructions mentioned here carefully. As said earlier, you can establish the connection between Ledger and Coinbase wallet through the Coinbase Wallet browser extension. This extension lets you access decentralized applications with the Ledger devices on blockchain, such as Ethereum. 

Before you start this integration, it is mandatory to do certain things. Or else, you will not be able to connect your Ledger to the Coinbase wallet. Here are the major aspects to follow before integration.

  • Ensure whether you access the latest version of Ledger Live
  • Open the Ledger Live and then connect your Ledger device to the manager to make sure that your device is running the latest firmware version.
  • Check whether the latest version of the ETH app is installed on your Ledger.
  • Finally, close Ledger Live because it can conflict with the Coinbase wallet extension.

Steps To Connect Ledger To Coinbase wallet 

  • At first, you need to download and install the Coinbase wallet extension from the Chrome web store. Brave or Chrome browsers are strongly recommended because they protect you from unwanted troubles.
  • Next, open the Coinbase Wallet extension and choose “I already have the wallet.”
  • Tap on “connect ledger wallet.” To connect to Ledger, you need to plug your Ledger into a computer and unlock it with a PIN code. After that, open the Ethereum app.
  • Tab on “connect now.”
  • You must sign the message on your Ledger to connect with the Coinbase wallet. As soon as the message is signed, you will witness “your device is ready to use” window.
  • Now, it is time to open the extension and see all your NFTs and assets in the wallet.

That’s enough! You have integrated the Coinbase wallet with your Ledger device. It helps you to enjoy added security and hold your crypto assets safely. If you have any doubt regarding this integration, you can contact the Ledger or Coinbase customer service team. The experts will render you enough direction to fulfill your needs. 


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