How To Use Uniswap with MetaMask

Uniswap is one of the most popular Decentralized Exchange platforms. It makes use of smart contracts to facilitate trades without hassle. Exchanges like Gemini and Coinbase are centralized exchanges. Profits are generated by charging transaction fees and working for net income. They never list the digital currencies that investors are seeking. With its governance token, UNI, Uniswap was formed in 2018. You can use Uniswap with MetaMask to purchase tokens with ease. On the other hand, Uniswap has a simple design that enables people to use it without difficulty. Keep reading the post to learn more about Uniswap and MetaMask, and how to connect MetaMask to Uniswap

Overview of Uniswap

UniSwap is developed on new trading protocols like Automated Liquidity Protocol. Decentralized exchanges are mostly used to purchase the token, especially those not available on the centralized exchange. The crypto wallet is a requirement to work with the decentralized exchange. Uniswap (UNI) plays a critical role as one of the top ten Cryptocurrencies in the DeFi ecosystem. It is hard to make the transaction before installing the MetaMask mobile application. Without opening other applications on the device, you can purchase or sell tokens without difficulty.

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MetaMask – What is It? 

MetaMask is one of the free browser extensions and mobile applications. It enables the user to store and trade Cryptocurrencies. Besides, it hosts plenty of dApps and interacts with the ETH. More than ten million people are using the MetaMask because of its flexibility. The earlier version of MetaMask was only accessed on the desktop browser like chrome, firefox, etc. The new version of MetaMask is available for iOS and Android devices. 

In addition, MetaMask has a user experience and regular updates, allowing users to trade digital currency effortlessly. This wallet is built on ERC-721 and ERC-20 tokens that users can make and navigate easily between various crypto wallet addresses. Besides, the modern encryption technology of the wallet lets the user store their private keys and passwords. It enables the trader to stay away from the tension.  

Steps To Use Uniswap With MetaMask

Steps To Use Uniswap with MetaMask

MetaMask is a user-friendly smartphone that offers the most excellent experience. The web wallet works as the web browser’s extension, and its utility experience is perfect on the computer. If you are interested in trading on Uniswap, there are many options that you can select the best. Both methods work smoothly, which suits beginners. Here you can learn how to use Uniswap with MetaMask.

Utilize Uniswap website (PC)  

In this method, you can use the Metamask extension on a web browser like chrome, etc. You can visit the browser’s download page for the extension you need to utilize. Let’s see a few steps to use the Uniswap website:

Open Uniswap website 

  • After downloading the Metamask, you should visit If you need to trade tokens in the exchange on the PC, you should visit the official page of UniSwap.

Hit on Connecting The Wallet 

  • The users will see connect wallet button in the right corner of the screen. 
  • Select connect wallet and click on MetaMask 
  • The window will display to confirm that you are connected Metamask wallet. You can accept the changes and click continue.

Ensure That All MetaMask Permissions Are Granted 

  • Now, all process is done. If you have issues connecting MetaMask, you can do the following steps.
  • You can right-click on the MetaMask symbol on the web browser.
  • Choose It can reward and change the website information.
  • Hit on MetaMask permission will allow for Uniswap. 

Those who have other networks active should enable the right one. Therefore, you can swap on a particular coin without any issues. Sometimes, the user should allow and add a polygon to MetaMask.

How Do You Utilize The MetaMask DApp Browser? 

MetaMask DApp Browser

Using the MetaMask DApp browser is the second method to trade on tokens. You can follow the steps below if you need to connect the MetaMask wallet to UniSwap on the mobile phone.

Open MetaMask on The Handset 

  • First, you should open MetaMask on your mobile phone. 
  • Take three dots at the left corner on the wallet home screen.

Click on Browser and Link MetaMask.

  • Hit on a web browser. There is an inbuilt DApp browser for MetaMask. 
  • Now UniSwap will open automatically. 

Use MetaMask Platfrom 

  • You can connect MetaMask to Uniswap. If you do everything properly, you can start trading. 
  • Now, you can trade tokens on the UniSwap from your handset and enjoy the amazing benefits of the DeFi ecosystem.

Crypto trading is the best investment option due to its amazing benefits. By following the steps above, you can use Uniswap with MetaMask to trade on tokens. Uniswap is the most excellent application in (DeFi) nowadays. DeFi is decentralized finance, which enables you to trade tokens without using difficult registration procedures and centralized exchange. 


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