Have you decided to invest your money in cryptocurrency? Do you need a top-notch hardware wallet to store coins and tokens safely? Well, Ellipal Wallet is your solution! It is one of the feature-rich cold wallets in recent times. It enables the user to store, send and receive cryptocurrencies effortlessly. In addition, the elliptical crypto wallet has strong security and supports lots of coins and air-gapped metal bodies that make it popular. Keep reading the article to learn more about the Ellipal hardware wallet, or directly live chat with our Ellipal Wallet Customer Support team.

How Safe is Ellipal Wallet

Security is vital with any crypto wallet, whether it may be a software or hardware wallet. Errors can leave coins holding visible in the digital currencies. But Ellipal has strong protection that shields users’ devices from physical attack. Isolate the hardware crypto wallet from an external connection that keeps air-gapped. One of the popular features in the Ellipal hardware wallet is an anti-tampering feature. 

This hardware wallet deletes data in the wallet if someone attacks the device. Therefore, it has to stay away from Bluetooth, NFC connection, Wi-Fi, cellular, etc. Only one way to connect to the exterior world is by relying on a QR code. Therefore private keys on the hardware wallet cannot expose to other networks.

On the other hand, Ellipal has two-factor protection that effectively safeguards users’ credentials. Therefore, setting up sturdy password and passphrases are the best method to enhance security. Moreover, if you try multiple times to guess this wallet password, it will result in clearing the device data. So, it would help if you stored the password and private keys in a safe location. 

How To Transfer Coins in Ellipal Wallet

It is easy to send coins through the Ellipal. The followings are some tips for completing the transaction:

  • Go to the Ellipal app and create the transaction. 
  • Choose your account and hit on signup option.
  • Enter the password and scan the QR code 
  • After verification of the transaction, it generates a second QR code 
  • Ellipal app scans the QR code and finishes the transaction. 

Besides, the user can check the transaction history effortlessly. Contact our Crypto Customer Care team if you have doubts about transferring digital currencies.  

What Cryptocurrencies Ellipal Wallet Support

Ellipal hardware wallet supports thousands of tokens and coins. Therefore, the user doesn’t have to worry about their favorite crypto not support in the wallet. Third-party applications don’t need to access cryptocurrencies. In addition, new coins are updated monthly in the wallet to keep the user engaged. 

A recent, Ellipal user can work with more than thirty blockchains such as Tron, Bitcoin, Digibyte, Ethereum, dogecoin, EOS, Litecoin, Ripple, and XRP, bitcoin gold, and much more. The hardware wallet supports popular tokens like ERC 20, BNB BEP2, TRC10, TRC20, EOS, and others. You can buy an Ellipal crypto wallet and start trading in the coins or tokens without hassle. 

Contact Ellipal Wallet Customer Support Team 

Ellipal Wallet Customer Support

If you face issues while sending or receiving coins in the hardware wallet, you can contact the Ellipal Wallet customer service. The customer support team is always ready to clear your doubts. They provide a solution for all kinds of problems. You can fix the root issue, which allows you to transfer coins safely. 

Technicians are available around the clock, so you can contact them anytime you desire and get a quick solution. There are different ways to contact the support team, such as email, live chat, and phone. Those who need an instant response from the experts can use the live chat option. You will obtain a reply quickly from the experienced technician. 

Besides, the customer support team provides solutions for issues such as login problems, coins transaction, recovery errors and much more. They understand your issues clearly and give step-by-step instructions to fix them. 

Reason To Use Ellipal Crypto Wallet 

Ellipal is the first metal-made crypto wallet on the globe. It has special security protection against physical attacks. Besides, the cold wallet enables the user to exchange data with the mobile phone through QR codes. Nowadays, many people prefer the Ellipal hardware wallet for crypto trading. Here are some reasons why you consider buying an Ellipal Crypto Wallet:

  • Unlike other hardware wallets, Ellipal is made of a single metal piece. So it is hard to open the device’s outer casing with any object. In addition, IP65 reinforcement protects the device from dust, water and dirt.
  • Ellipal is the popular air-gapped crypto wallet that doesn’t connect with wireless or wired networks like mobile data, OTG, Bluetooth, etc. There is no connection between the wallet and desktop or mobile phone, so it is impossible to hack the cold wallet to access coins. All transactions are made via QR code scans. 
  • Both the Ellipal cold wallet and wallet application have a user-friendly interface. So the user can transfer money coins within a few minutes. Moreover, the app is compatible with android and iOS platforms that work with two-factor verification with the crypto wallet to make transactions, manage accounts, and much more. 
Final Words 

Ellipal Wallet is the perfect option to store different kinds of cryptocurrencies. It provides great storage options in software and hardware without trouble. Besides, Ellipal is an air-gripped wallet that lets your store coins securely. Finally, it has a user-friendly interface, which provides a hassle-free trading experience for the user.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Question

Is it possible to backup the hardware wallet? 

Of course, it is possible to backup the cold wallet without trouble. A hardware wallet supports many cryptocurrencies, but it generates only one backup. A recovery seed is used to restore all coins from the wallet. 

How many accounts can you hold in the Ellipal crypto wallet? 

Ellipal cold wallet can hold more than ten accounts according to the size of the funds. In addition, a single account can have different kinds of currencies that this wallet supports. So, you don’t want to create a new account for every cryptocurrency.  

What I should do if I lose my Ellipal wallet

Don’t worry; the wallet is password protected. You can easily recover the account to the new wallet with the help of the recovery seed phrase. If anybody tries to open the device with the wrong password, the wallet will automatically delete all data.