Investing in Cryptocurrency has been gaining more popularity due to the rise in the BTC value. Many crypto exchanges allow them to buy, sell, and store digital currencies. coinbase is the popular hold wallet, while Trezor is the cold crypto wallet that lets you store coins for the long term. Are you new to the crypto world and need tips to transfer crypto from coinbase to trezor? Well, you are at the right place. This article teaches you smart tips to transfer crypto from coinbase to Trezor. 

You should do some special things when using the Trezor crypto wallet with coinbase, especially if you have to store many digital assets. The first thing is backing up the recovery seed phrase because it is important to restore coins if you lose the wallet. Then, you can store the recovery phrase and private keys in a safe place. If the third party gets your private key, they can access your currencies.

How To Transfer BTC From Coinbase To Trezor

Bitcoin is one of the most famous Cryptocurrencies in the world. People use the BTC for different purposes such as bill payments, buying goods, and more because many merchants are accepting Cryptocurrencies. If you need to Transfer BTC from Coinbase to Trezor, you can follow the below-given steps. It enables the newbie to move the bitcoin to the hardware wallet safely. 

  • First, you should set up the hardware wallet by following the device’s steps. 
  • Now, create a new account on the Trezor wallet.
  • Connect the hardware wallet to the desktop or laptop 
  • Predetermine your PIN code
  • Pick the hardware wallet crypto account where you will move your BTC 
  • Hit receive option and select show full address 
  • Double-check address 
  • Note- if you transfer coins to the wrong address, you will lose them. 
  • Click on the continue option on the Trezor wallet after checking the address.
  • Copy the address displayed on the desktop 
  • After that, sign up for the software wallet, ie. Coinbase 
  • Then hit on account option on the dashboard 
  • Under the account section, the select account you desire to reclaim BTC from 
  • Click Send option and paste the copied address into the field
  • Enter how many coins you need to transfer to your Trezor account
  • Hit continue option 
  • Tick the view details option to confirm the transaction condition and track its development.

How To Transfer Ethereum From Coinbase To Trezor

Are you an Ethereum user and need to safely store them for the long term? Well, the hardware wallet is the perfect solution. Trezor is the best cold crypto wallet and comes with modern features that offer a hassle-free trading experience. Here are step-by-step instructions to transfer Ethereum from coinbase to trezor

  • Set up the hardware wallet by following the instructions in the manual.
  • Connect the wallet to the computer and enter a PIN
  • Choose the right account on the cold wallet you wish to move your Ethereum
  • Pick receive option on the menu and click show full address 
  • Note: make sure whether the account you have chosen will support certain coins or not. 
  • Check address on the desktop and Trezor device is the same 

Note: the user can confirm by selecting continue or otherwise choose the left button to show the QR code to scan while transferring. If you desire to use a QR code, you can skip login.

  • Copy the address from the and log in to your account 
  • Choose an account and pick the account you need to move coins from 
  • Enter the account into the recipient box. After that, you can choose the amount of Ethereum you want to send.
  • Hit on continuing and click view details to find the transaction TXID

Note: You can track progress and count confirmations for each transaction using the TXID. It will give you an idea of when you need to see the coin display in the hardware wallet. Based on the transaction fee, the process will complete faster. Well done! You have moved Ethereum successfully to Trezor wallet from coinbase pro.

Coinbase To Trezor Fee

Coinbase might charge the fee while buying, selling or converting coins. The fee can vary when you place the order and might be determined by various aspects like how many coins you desire to transfer or withdraw, market condition, payment method, and others. Coinbase base charges two percent of the transaction fee on every purchase. 

How To Store Bitcoin On Trezor

The hardware wallet is an effective method for protecting the Cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, and more. They keep the recovery seed offline while enabling the user to make the transaction. Storing BTC in the Trezor is a good option if you decide to hold them lengthy period. The hardware wallet keeps your coins safe if your desktop is hacked so you can stay at peace of mind. The advanced security system makes it simple to use than other wallets. Let’s see how to store bitcoin on the Trezor wallet:

  • Buy hardware wallet: First, you should buy the Trezor wallet from its official portal. It guarantees that the wallet is genuine.
  • Install the software: Every brand has its software. After buying the hardware wallet, you should install software and set up the crypto wallet. First, go to the company’s official portal and download the software. Then, follow the on-screen instruction for creating the wallet. 
  • Store BTC to Trezor: Now, you can store the bitcoin on the wallet. It is a good option to store the coin for an extended period. If you need to access BTC stored in the wallet, you need private keys. There is no limitation to storing the bitcoin in the hardware wallet.

I hope now you have an idea to transfer crypto from coinbase to trezor easily. Moving Cryptocurrencies to the offline wallet is secure that keeps you in peace of mind. If you doubt transferring the coins to trezor from coinbase, you can contact the customer support service. Technicians are always ready to provide an immediate solution for customers. So, the user can move coins to the cold wallet without difficulty.  


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