In the present scenario, many crypto owners are concerned about the safety and security of digital assets. As crypto investors or traders, choosing the right wallet is essential to protect and keep assets secure. With the advent of technology, you can search for the best wallet and opt for the ideal one. Exodus is the most popular wallet that brings enough benefits to crypto users. You can Buy Crypto On Exodus Wallet by following simple guidelines. Exodus serves as a multicurrency and hot wallet and helps many crypto users store, receive, and transfer digital assets. Contact our Exodus Crypto Wallet Customer Service team to get answers about the problem are you facing.

  • It is a suitable solution for crypto owners to exchange assets from one platform to another.
  • You can discover major components in the wallet like multicurrency, in-built crypt exchange, and portfolio tracker. 
  • It is the best way to eliminate hacks associated with crypto.
  • Users explore a beautiful user-friendly interface to gain an incredible experience.
  • You can download the desktop and mobile version wallet for free.
  • On the other hand, it is also compatible with a hardware wallet
  • It is a highly accessible wallet in the digital asset community.

Steps To Buy Crypto on Exodus Wallet

Here are a few simple steps that you need to follow while buying any crypto or bitcoin on Exodus wallet. You just have to simply follow the steps to buy crypto while using this platform or wallet.

Step1:-  Install Exodus wallet 

Whether you’re going to install the wallet on your mobile/desktop from Exodus’s official website. 


  • On the left side of the page, you’ll see a button “Desktop” section below the link.
  • Once you see the link, then click on the link to download the file on your desktop and create your account.


  • By clicking on the “Exodus download page” and install the app on your smartphone.
  • Once you download the app, then simply create your account on this wallet.

Step2:- Setup payment method

  • Once you create the account on exodus wallet, then set up a payment gateway
  • You can add debit/credit and PayPal wallets for transactions.

Step3:- Buy crypto from Exodus wallet

  • Now you have set up the payment gateway in your app
  • Go to the crypto page and search for the cryptocurrency that you want to buy.
  • Simply select a cryptocurrency that you want to buy or trade.
  • Enter the amount
  • Once you enter the amount then confirm your order and you’re all set.

Can You Buy Crypto in Exodus Wallet:

Yes, you can purchase crypto using Exodus Wallet easily. Before buying process, you need to understand certain elements and make the buying process smooth. Users often consider a procedure to Buy Crypto On Exodus Wallet. Exodus allows users to utilize the ramp to buy crypto. A ramp is a popular payment partner in exodus to pick up assets from the wallet directly.

  • When using a ramp, you can purchase the asset from the mobile exodus app without using an exchange.
  • Getting digital assets using a ramp is simple and helps owners gain huge benefits from depositing a wallet.
  • Exodus provides different forms of an asset for purchase using ramp-like bitcoin, Solana, USDC, Ethereum, and a lot more. 
  • Exodus payment partner accepts the MasterCard, visa, and apple pay.
  • Users carry out small identity verification to make a purchase with ramp. 

On the other hand, FTX is another option to acquire a digital asset. FTX works as a custodial crypt exchange or platform to buy and sell digital coins. Once you buy crypto utilizing a ramp, you can access the crypto in FTX and link your account to the FTX exchange app in exodus. 

Digital asset owners have the perfect capability to send, receive, view, and exchange FTX funds within exodus wallet. If you cannot deposit USD to the USD wallet in exodus, you can quickly deposit USD into FTX that reflects in the USD wallet in the FTX portfolio. 

Which Crypto Coins Can I Buy on Exodus Wallet:

Exodus is a compatible wallet and allows users to acquire a different array of digital currencies. It works well on multiple platforms and brings support for a vast range of assets. It may also differ based on the platform you utilize. Exodus supports different assets and brings peace of mind to users. Discover high-rated assets when adopting exodus wallet. 

You can find an asset with good market capitalization, higher volume, and popularity in exodus. You must gather a list and decide to Buy Crypto On Exodus Wallet. At present, exodus desktop supports seventy currencies and 33 ERC20 tokens. The Exodus mobile maintains thirty-five currencies and never supports any ERC20 token. Exodus also lets users use trezor and acquire all currencies. Exodus supports coins on all clients like

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Tether
  • Stellar
  • Ripple
  • Bitcoin cash
  • Ethereum classic and a lot more

Why Can’t I Buy Bitcoin on Exodus:

The digital currency industry continues to grow rapidly in transaction volume and user adoption. Exodus exchange API providers wish to take an asset offline for a certain period to deal with maintenance. People need the best solution to Buy Crypto On Exodus Wallet easily without obstacles. When API providers take assets offline, you must check the asset list that is unavailable temporarily in a wallet. 

Some regulation takes place to avoid unwanted problem and protect user asset. Exodus wishes to serve customers legally throughout the globe. To manage everything with proper regulations, exodus exchange API providers perform additional measures to exclude customers in certain regions from making purchases in exodus. 

Is Exodus Wallet Safe:

Is Exodus Wallet Safe

Exodus wallet is a fantastic option for many users to enjoy many features. When using exodus wallet, you have complete control of digital assets and keep them always in the ideal place. Anyone can create a wallet from anywhere on the platform with no sign-up process. Exodus wallet is a good choice for responsibility, user safety, and account security. It is the top priority of many crypto investors and traders when it comes to funding security and complete control of information. 

People benefit from impressive security measures such as touch and Face ID for mobile apps. Trustworthy platforms manage good integration with an application such as FTX exchange, ramp payment network, and trezor hardware wallet. You can enjoy different security updates for desktop and mobile applications.

12-word Security Backup and Password:

If you create a wallet for the first time, you must set a password. A 12-word security phrase is an essential thing to back up your wallet. You can use a phrase to recover the asset when you lose the device.

Face and Touch ID:

Exodus comes with touch and face ID security that is good for mobile device users. These things bring an additional layer of security when utilizing a wallet on a mobile device. It is easy for users to maintain an asset safely.

BIP 39 Standards For Recovery Phrase:

Exodus needs the BIP39 standard for a 12-word recovery phrase. Standard manages a wordlist of English words with an ideal number of the combination. The recovery phrase can encrypt safely on the platform.

You can consider the above things carefully and use your wallet perfectly. For any queries relevant to Buy Crypto On Exodus Wallet, contact us and get support immediately to receive an ideal solution via live chat. 


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