One of the best and most reliable platforms to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin is Binance. This platform guarantees secure and safe crypto transactions across the exchange. It acts as the best place for trading until you confront issues such as Binance Not Showing Trade History

Binance has been designed with an easy-to-use interface. However, users confront multiple issues on this platform while trading. Among them, Binance Not Showing Trade History is the major issue faced by traders across different regions. This issue makes the users find it hard to check their trade history. 

Checking the trade history is one of the vital things that every trader does to monitor their trading activities to decide what to do further. The trade history indicates the historical record of actual position transactions. It showcases all trade details such as time, quantity, symbol, direction, and price of the trade. 

If you confront an issue regarding the Binance trade history, it ruins your entire trading activity and feels overwhelmed to make the trading decision. Whenever you confront this issue on Binance, you do not lose hope because here is the best solution to this trouble. You can also directly chat with our Binance Customer Service provider team.

While leaving this page, you will surely get the best solution for the Binance Not Showing Trade History problem. But, make sure you go through the following section carefully. Try to keep patience and follow the instructions mentioned here. It makes your trading journey on Binance more comfortable and trouble-free.

How To Solve Binance Not Showing Trade History

How To Solve Binance Not Showing Trade History

Binance is the most advanced exchange on the market. With the innovative matching engine, it makes up to 1.4millon trades per second. It also looks like the highly respected, trusted, and desired exchange for the availability of rare coins, low fees, and unique giveaways. But, it gets a black mark for letting users confront certain issues. 

Are you facing the trouble of Binance Not Showing Trade History? If yes, you should check whether the Binance is down or the server is under maintenance. Usually, this problem happens due to these reasons. 

When the Binance server is in good condition, it will properly accept your query and showcase the trade history. So, you should not worry about Binance not displaying your trade history anymore. Wait for some time, and then check the trade history again. 

How Long Does Binance Keep Transaction History?

Binance will keep all the transactions you made on this platform. So, you can easily keep track of your Binance trade history. Whenever you need, you can generate the yearly transaction report. But, Binance limits the period of the history in one file to be three months and spot trade history for 6months. 

Have you traded more than 3months or 10000lines of history? If yes, then you need to download the files by changing the period in the download dialog i.e., less than 3 months. After that, upload them as append mode from the oldest file to the newest file. It means you have the facility to view your trade history without any issue. 

Are you ever wondered why to check the Binance trade history? Below mentioned are the major reasons to do so. 

  • Going through Binance transaction/trade history helps users to track their day-to-day crypto expenses.
  • It renders the chance to find the mistakes you made earlier and finds the best solution to avoid them in the future.
  • Checking the trading history enables you to find additional transactions such as added Binance fees, rates, and detailed crypto statements. 

Binance Trade History Export/Download

Whenever you want to download the trade history, you can take help from the following section. It helps you to get the trading history easily.

How To Download Trade History on Binance

You can view your trade history on Binance effortlessly with these steps.

  • Visit the Binance website and navigate to the homepage
  • Find “orders” and then tap on “Trade History.”
  • On the Binance toolbar, you need to hover over the funds button. Now, you will see a window. 
  • Here, you get the option to check the order history 
  • On the trade history page, you can sort through your crypto orders
  • Tab on the trade history button. It will bring you to the page with all your historical trades

That’s enough! You can now check your transaction history details. You can export your trade information into the spreadsheet and use it later to check the history thoroughly. You can calculate your profit and loss precisely using the trade history information. 

How To View Binace Trade History on Mobile

Binace Trade History on Mobile

Sometimes, you are away from your desktop and unable to check your trade history. In such a case, you do not worry about getting the desktop because you can check the trade history on your mobile. Yes! The mobile option helps you enjoy more convenience in viewing and checking the trade history. Here are the steps to follow to view trade history.

  • Download and install the Binance app for iPhone or Android on your device 
  • Then, open the Binance app and click on “funds.”
  • Then, tap on “history” available in the upper-right corner of the screen 
  • Now, you will see a page containing logs of all your crypto withdrawals and deposits 
  • Click on the deposit history tab to view all your past deposits 
  • And choose the withdrawal history tab on the right to go through all your past withdrawals out of the Binance 

Now, you understand how to use the Binance app on your mobile. But, the best part of trading on Binance is that it showcases your Binance trade history with all the open orders you have put in the order book and canceled in the past. It happens when you click “order history” instead of “trade history.”

Contact The Customer Support Service!

In case you confront the issue of Binance Not Showing Trade History, then contact us through live chat support without hesitation. We are here to help you with your query anytime. Checking the trade history on Binance is extremely simple if you know and follow the exact process. 

Or else, you can face the issues and be unable to view the transaction history. Anyway, you can reach us and speak with our experts to get assistance in solving the trading-related issues on Binance. 


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